Jigsaw Of Life

My wife was working on a jigsaw puzzle, and as she neared the end it became apparent that there were pieces missing. The picture could not be completed as the manufacture had lost pieces in its production. It is so important that we do not lose the picture of life.

Many people today are lost in the diversity of material distraction and temptations !

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle . . .

  • Each part of your life,
  • each experience in your life,
  • each person you meet,
  • each "accident" that happens to you,

These areas are just part of the divine "picture" of your life. It is part of all God created lessons you need, to learn for the sole and single purpose of building our characters and fashioning us to be more like Jesus.

  • Sometimes you may be the main player
  • Sometimes you may be the main bystander in other people's lessons
  • Sometimes you may be the vital part as a necessary catalyst for other people's most important lessons.
  • Sometimes most urgently needed for another one's lesson AND progress - NEEDED but maybe you don’t feel used!

Recognise that every single piece in the jigsaw puzzle of your life is for purpose, maybe for you or for the benefit of others.

The result for others if applied is of a maturing in their life, and for ourselves a putting together the journey of life picture in being more like the one who created the jigsaw pieces of life!